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Keeping Caregiver Burnout At Bay Amid The Pandemic

While there is an evergrowing conversation about embracing the ‘new normal’ — the overwhelming changes that the COVID-19 virus has brought with itself — adapting to it is by no means easy.

Going about your daily chores, getting groceries, using public transportation, and showing up at work — even routine tasks have become complicated because of the fears surrounding the virus’ spread. Everything becomes all the more daunting when individuals are simultaneously caring for immunocompromised senior loved ones.

A majority of adults over the age of 65 need some kind of assistance to perform routine activities that are directly related to their well-being. Given that the United States has a population of more than 46 million seniors, it’s not uncommon to find individuals being primary caregivers to their parents, all the while also looking after their kids. As seniors are more likely to develop severe complications if they contract the virus, the responsibilities of these primary caregivers have increased exponentially.


‘The New Normal’ And Senior Care

Now that businesses have reopened and people are slowly returning to work, many have reported feeling overwhelmed and worried that they will carry over the virus to their parents’ homes. There are others too, who continue to work from home but are overburdened with all their household and caregiving duties.

It is natural to consider giving up certain activities or commitments to care for your senior loved ones. But, such sacrifices might have far-reaching effects on your financial or emotional health, while significantly impacting your professional life.

As a caregiver, putting your needs last every single time makes you susceptible to burnout and stress-related physical health problems. At the same time, unhappiness, frustration, and constant fatigue will also affect your relationship with your senior loved ones and hinders your ability to provide the best care in the long run.

The present scenario makes it inevitable for most to have to care for their parents. What can you do if you are one of them? For starters, having the right resources and tools to help you on the way will ensure that you do not compromise your mental and physical well being and that your loved ones get quality supportive care. One of the ways to make sure that you don’t feel helpless and completely burned out is by reaching out and hiring experts offering senior home care services.

As most people have reported feeling anxious, depressed, or stressed because of the pandemic, having support and an extra set of hands to tend to the needs of your loved ones will always be beneficial for everyone involved.

Acknowledging that you cannot be everywhere at once will help eliminate a lot of stress from your life. When you have a professional to assist you in caring for your seniors in your life, you will be able to take time out for yourself and do things you love. This will ultimately help you to become a better, more loving caregiver, and someone who has no space for resentment and guilt.

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